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twinstabook club room experience your friends in real life with your contributions and, your new social network for family and friends with blogs, videos and live streams. At twinstabook, we believe that the future of online publishing should be decentralized and open and, above all, without censorship, i.e. to obtain information independently. We are of the opinion that users of social networks should be able to live their social media experience on their own needs and conditions and not be forced to inform themselves or text, information, images and videos under the conditions set by Big Tech to be able to publish that represent one's own opinion. Another and normal option should be to be able to connect with friends and family on social networks without the fear that the data will simply be used for unauthorized purposes. Here all information stays where it is and you decide for yourself what you want to share in other social networks. We will not pass on private information to third parties on this platform. But every publicly posted message can be shared by anyone, but this does not affect the private data. It would be nice if you trust us and we can welcome you here at

The twinsterbook social community is a new version of one of the most popular applications on the internet, social networking. We work 100% independently and want to remain free from any advertising or outside influence. In order to further design our platform and to keep it alive for you, it would be nice if YOU, as a user, support us according to your own possibilities so that we can continue to operate the community independently. Thanks for that.

Your live streams and videos on twinstabook.comAs a result, you as a user have a choice of how you want to use You can either create a profile at and publish information and photos or videos yourself, or if you like what we do on or you simply want to use it as a free source of information, you can also just as a guest Read along unannounced to find out more without taking action yourself. Based on your own experience, you can upload texts, photos and videos to your own account, which you control and manage yourself and for whose content you are also responsible. We want to share our opinions and ideas freely and without censorship, but in a quality that does not offend or discriminate against anyone. So you can communicate with millions of users, with your profile, on our own servers, with the whole world, including users on twinstabook and your family. Registered users can be activated as an author or from a streamer in order to participate even more intensively and actively in the design of the twinstabook community. strives to become the home of free speech online. We encourage you to join us at and start your own twinstabook social account. Because you have control over the web in your hand, without censorship, to win back for people and to design your content in such a way that it reflects you and is interesting for others. Together we can achieve what others only dare to dream of, an independent free community with self-thinking people and their own creativity.

The official version of human history is a construct of lies. We are in a state of collective amnesia. Let us get rid of the artificial matrix that has been imposed on us.

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Christoph Hörstel im Interview mit NTV Russia
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Ist das nicht unglaublich?
Was passiert eigentlich mit der Mineralölsteuer?
Wofür bezahlst Du Deinen Auto-Club Jahresbeitrag?
Vertritt man Dich da ?
Lasse dieses Mail weitergehen, damit alle Leute
erfahren, wie sie von Politikern, die sie gewählt haben, abgezockt werden.
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Abartige Kampagne des Kanton Zürich ... Um DEN VIRUS und eine Pandemie geht es chon lange nicht mehr. IMPFEN UM SEINEN ARBEITSPLATZ ZU BEHALTEN!!!
NWO Rede: Sie verschweigen es uns nicht einmal, sie sagen es uns dreckig ins Gesicht ???

Zitat: "Es wird notwendig sein, viele Milliarden Menschen zu töten, um sie aufzuhalten. Oder zu Verhinderung, dass sie sich fortpflanzen, um die Weltbevölkerung zu reduzieren."

Hört endlich zu und werdet aktiv mit uns, es ist ein geplanter Mord
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OMG sie singt ---- Greta Thunfisch bei Climate Live 2021 ---- HOW DARE YOU GRETA
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Am 16.10.2021 machte Veikko Stölzer in Thüringen halt, um sein Wissen Interessierten weiterzugeben. Seht selbst...
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#HallMack #Sondierungen #Koalition

Bitte teilen! Abo auf YouTube wäre super!

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Christoph Hörstel im Pars Today Interview "Die Welt am Abgrund"
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