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Organic microgreens, the superfood for vegan nutrition with seedlings in 4 to 6 days

Microgreens are vegetables and herbs in the smallest format with lots of vitamins as seedlings to eat

The "vegetables in infancy" are a kind of superfood, vegetables and herbs in the smallest format. Anyone who has tried it once will be surprised to find that micro-vegetables and herbs have a completely different aroma than in "adulthood" and also contain the total plant power of the seedlings full of vitamins for a healthy organic and vegan diet.

organic microgreens farm and shop for orderly and vegan nutrition with plant power from seedlings

What are organic microgreens?

The name microgreens - or microgreens - already gives a tip as to what could be behind it. "Micro" refers to the size and "greens" are the vegetables. Because it is tiny and young greens from certain types of vegetables and leaf herbs that are in the development between the shoot and the plant and can therefore be harvested in a very short time. When growing on the windowsill, you can assume that you have organic quality and are therefore free of harmful substances, but rich in vitamins.
The difference to the sprouts lies in the organic microgreens, which ripen a little further in the development stage, as sprouts can be harvested a few days earlier and are also consumed completely, in contrast to the microgreens, which are consumed after the development of the first cotyledons.

Organic microgreens, seedlings and sprouts for a healthy diet rich in vitamins

bio microgreen starter kid with seeds and all you need to start the microgreen farm

Microgreens are currently traded as superfood. The seedlings contain the full power of plants with all the vitamins that make the sprouts so healthy. You can grow the seedlings quickly and easily on any windowsill, or in another place in the apartment / balcony that has enough light and harvest and eat them after a few days. Microgreens are the most natural form of plants, the seedlings or sprouts, which are ready to harvest in just 4-6 days. You can harvest the seedlings after just a few days and eat them fresh, in slats or on bread with quark.
So microgreens are actually nothing more than “too late harvested” seedlings of vegetables, which we usually put on the plate in large format. Such as broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, herbs, cress, rocket ...

Herb and vegetable seedlings carry the concentrated energy that plants need to grow. The proportion and the vital substances are also contained in the small plants many times over than in the same amount in the fully grown vegetables. The leaflets are rich in vitamin C, which is needed for the immune system and the development of connective tissue. There are also B vitamins for the nerves and vitamin A for the skin and eyes. One mineral is calcium for bones, iron for blood formation and the anti-inflammatory zinc. And the microgreens offer access to trace elements, secondary plant substances and amino acids. The seedlings of peas, for example, get very quickly. After three weeks you can already eat. They provide all the essential amino acids as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. The leaves of fennel are rich in essential oils, silica and flavonoids. They taste sweet and spicy, quickly a bit like liquorice. Amaranth is high in fiber, including many types of amino, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. It germinates slowly, it takes about five weeks to harvest. Sprouts are microgreens, also from regional, healthy and nutrient-rich "superfoods".

How can you grow microgreens yourself?

As I said, you don't need a lot of space and you don't even need a garden or balcony. All you need are seeds and a vessel or container in which you can put the seeds with a little water. So that the seeds germinate really well and quickly, you should use a hemp mat or some kitchen towel as a support for the seeds so that the water is stored longer and the seeds do not dry out. You can freely choose the seeds as you wish. We recommend using organic seeds.
With a cultivation set, which you will find here on offer, planting organic microgreens is child's play and can be done quickly with little effort. All you have to do is place the pad with seeds on the rearing grid and pour some water on it every day, the excess water is carefully poured off so that the seeds do not lie in the pure water. With a cover you can also prevent it from drying out for the first few days. After a short time, the first harvest is due! The bowl is of course reusable and the refill pads can create small plants again, which, however, may not correspond to the size and number of the first harvest. Therefore it is always an advantage to sow the seeds again.

Which seeds are suitable for microgreens?

In principle, any seed can be used, but organic quality is recommended. Fast-growing herbs and vegetables such as lettuce, mustard, broccoli, cress, beans, mint, pak choi, rocket, watercress, buckwheat, red cabbage, radishes, cauliflower, basil, amaranth, fennel, dill, coriander or chervil are very suitable Good experiences have already been made with sunflower seeds, peas and wheatgrass. Beetroot is one of the microgreens with the longest growing time. Large and hard kernels and seeds such as those of peas, beans, buckwheat or sunflowers should be soaked in water overnight before sowing to accelerate germination.

What to do with microgreens?

Use for cooking, of course! Whereby, it doesn't necessarily have to be really cooked, because suddenly black bread takes on a whole new enjoyment factor, for example when the slightly spicy mustard leaves are on it. Or maybe a burger bedded on crispy greens? They shouldn't be missing in salads and if you like to cook for friends, you can create a starred restaurant feeling with the microgreens on your plate. And who knows whether one or the other might not turn into micro-gardeners right away!

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